Women Who Code Delhi Mentor-ship Program 2.0 : Week 4

Himanshi Goyal
2 min readFeb 16, 2020


After a great experience in Week 1 , Week 2 and Week 3 I was looking forward to this week. This week was all about learning new technologies.

I got a call from my mentor ( Parina Mam) on 12th February to discuss this week agenda. At first she asked me to focus on Data structure and Algorithm as they are very important for the upcoming Internship Season. She asked me practice a few questions daily on problem Solving .

Then she asked me about the technologies that interests me. I told her that I want to learn about Information Security , Cyber security and Ethical Hacking. Then she told me about her experience of Cyber security Intern with Gurugram Cyber Police at Gurugram , Haryana.

Brief about her internship :

  1. A specialized cyber security internship program organized by Gurugram Police under the mentorship of Rakshit Tandon.
  2. Attended training sessions conducted by police officers and experts in fields of cyber crime, cyber law, cyber forensics, bank frauds amongst others.
  3. Worked on a project on website hacking crimes researching on attacks, prevention, modus operandi and laws associated.

She told me to go through some tutorials on these topics on Youtube.

Some Youtube channels I found informative :

  1. Edureka : Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l77AgiphUQo
  2. Tutorials-Point : Link : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWPirh4EWFpEK7BXbMvKDYuHhA4AiYLDb

This week has been very informative and exciting. I am really excited and looking forward to the last week of the mentor-ship program.