Women Who Code Delhi Mentor-ship Program 2.0 : Week 2

Himanshi Goyal
2 min readFeb 2, 2020


After a fantastic Week 1 I was looking forward to the Week 2 of this program. I got a call from my mentor ( Parina Mam) on 29th January to discuss this week target. So my this week target was to complete a project on Javascript and trying a few questions on Dynamic Programming (DP) from a variety of online platforms.

To complete the first target I made following projects on Javascript :

  1. Scorekeeper of a two player game :
    My github repository link : https://github.com/hgoyal254/score-keeper
    This a basic Javascript project. It helps to keep track for the score of 2 player games like tic-tac-toe ,stone-paper-scissors etc. One can set the target in this . It does not involve much of styling(CSS) part.
  2. Color Game project :
    My github repository link : https://github.com/hgoyal254/Color-Game-
    It is a basic color game project. This is a type of quiz game. It has 3 difficulty levels- Easy (3 colors) , Medium(6 colors) , Hard(9 colors). It gives you a RGB color combination and you are required to guess color out the giving colors. This is more advanced than the previous one(as per my view 😁).

As for the second target I tried the following questions of Dynamic Programming (DP) :

The above picture is taken from HackerEarth 😊
  1. The basic ones :
    1. Min Step to 1
    2. Fibonacci
    3. Staircase
    4. Minimum Count
    5. No of balanced BSTs for a given height
    6. Factorial
  2. Some difficult one :
    1. Minimum number of Coins
    2. Min Cost Path
    3. Edit Distance
    4. Knapsack 0 –1
    5. Loot House

This week has been very exciting because I built 2 projects and solved a few questions on Dynamic Programming (which is always a challenging part for me). Completing this week is a sort of great achievement for me. I am very happy after completing this week target. I am really excited and looking forward to the remaining 3 weeks of the mentor-ship program.