Women Who Code Delhi Mentor-ship Program 2.0 : Week 1

Himanshi Goyal
2 min readJan 26, 2020


In this semester break i was looking for different opportunities through various social networking sites like Facebook , LinkedIn etc. because begin a sophomore my internship season is round the corner and I have many doubts in my mind . From a active Facebook group I come across this initiative by Women Who Code Delhi. I immediately applied for it and waited for its mail to arrive.

On 18th January I got the mail that I was selected as the mentee. The mail contains information about the program and different agendas for upcoming 5 weeks. On 19th January they conduct a hangout call for all the mentees to introduce themselves and for mentors to brief about the program.

On 19th January I got the mail that my mentor is Parina Anand. The mail contains a brief intro about Parina Mam. I was personally very impressed by her qualification. Then we were asked to introduced ourselves to the mam. Then I mailed a brief introduction about myself to Parina mam. On 21st I along with 2 other mentees had a con-call with mam on hangout. She patiently listen to our doubts and assigns individual task to each one of us.

At the end of the call she assigned me the task to look for different Hackathons happening around and to participate in them. Here is the list of Hackathons I looked for :-

  1. hackDTU : hackDTU is a hackathon organised by IOSD-DTU in DTU in spring.
    link : https://www.facebook.com/iosddtu/
  2. hackNSUT : hackNSUT is a hackathon organised by IEEE-NSUT in NSUT in March this year.
  3. Moreover IOSD which is a active society in many colleges in Delhi is organising a hackathon tour in its colleges.
  4. SIH (Smart India Hackathon)

It was fun searching for so many opportunities out there. Week 1 is full of making new connections and looking for new opportunities out there. I am really excited and looking forward to the remaining 4 weeks of the mentor-ship program.